Custom Profile Extrusions

The heart of Vidon Plastics’ is our extrusion capabilities. We have 20 extrusion machines ranging from ¾” diameter barrels to 3 ½” diameters and many sizes in between.  In addition to our array of extruders, we posses a wide variety of downstream equipment, including puller-cutter combos, different sized water baths, punches and presses, graining wheels and texturizers, and more.

Utilizing our equipment, we can create many different types of extrusions, from standard profiles, to complicated shapes, to co-extrusions, to complete product solutions. Our extrusions are all unique and specialized for the customer’s applications. For more detail regarding our extruded products, see the Products section.

We are able to design, develop, and deliver products that use multiple plastics. Vidon Plastics specializes in complex, multi-plastic extrusions called co-extrusions. Multiple plastics allow for multiple physical features – useful depending on the part’s implementation. Depending on the part’s features and the desired plastics, Vidon’s engineering team can design either crosshead dies or one die for our coextruded products. The primary difference is whether or not one material needs to be formed and cooled before the other material is applied. In certain situations, different processing methods will work more successfully than others.

When our customers need rigidity and strength beyond that of thermoplastics, we can incorporate aluminum, steel, or other encapsulations (embedded or coated carriers) into a part.